1. I tried writing a love poem, but it stuck in my mouth and choked me. Nothing is poetic about a boy tracing circles into my thigh, pretending he knows what to do with his hands.

2. Here’s how the story goes: we bite into the churches, we swallow them whole; we want to be holy, we want to find the kingdom of god in our stomachs, but all we are is hollow.

3. The wolf inside of me howling itself raw, and he is the moon, and he is every single goddamn star. I want to kiss him celestial; I want him to lay me out like a constellation.

4. We’re tossing our hearts down the wishing wells now because our chests are the only things not empty.

5. The beginning doesn’t flash red like it should. Sadness is never painted in neons. It trickles in the palest of pastels and turns concrete in your chest, and by then it’s too late, and you’re sinking, you’re sinking, you’re sinking.

6. Be kind, be brave, let flowers bloom from your tongue.

7. This bed is a sacrificial altar, and he is painting you pretty. Do not go quiet, do not go careful. When he gives you his wrist, bite straight through.

Emily Palermo, viii. (via starredsoul)
  • iPhone user: I'm so excited to get the iPhone 6
  • Android user: Why do people with iPhones think they're so much better than everyone else
  • iPhone user: I just like this pho-
  • Android user: The Samsung Anus5000 had that screen *snort* like 2 years ago! *glomping noise* How are you enjoying 2012 you mindless sheeple?? *uses inhaler to suppress incoming asthma attack*


Don’t insult someone’s smile.what the fuck. It’s somethin that happens naturally when they’re happy just let them fuckin be why would you try to knock someone down like that

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Karlie Kloss just liked this on Instagram [x].




New York City - Snowstorm